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Cabaret on the Canal

Welcome to Cabaret on the Canal, a brand new cabaret night in the heart of the East End, offering an eclectic array of performances and live music. Drinks will be flowing throughout the night so get your glad-rags on, open your minds and enjoy an evening with:

Cameron Cook: It All

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What’s it all about? It’s about us, and it’s about us. And it’s about time we started asking, so that we might start seeing about some attempts at some answers and keep on going on about our lives.

Cameron Cook presents a high-energy, low-budget, one-man performance, spawned out of anxiety, frustration, and residual optimism about it all.

Cameron Cook is a theatre-maker who studied at RADA and Birkbeck and was previously a member of the Oxford Revue. This is the first time his unique style of performing will be shared in a longer-form piece.

Garance Loulou Duo

Cabert on the canal, Poplar union, east London, live music, cabaret, accordionist, arts, culture

Garance Louis is a songwriter and accordionist from rural Southern France. Her band, The Mitochondrie, are a rag-tag ensemble of gifted rogues she acquired from the street corners of London. Together they make a very beautiful, quirky and rickety musical family coming from an old cabaret. Mixing destroyed dynamics and unexpected changes with traditional folkloric styles, you could call it a kind of “dirty tango, rock n roll, post-musette, tramp jazz, progressive gypsy…” Or give up on generic descriptions and just experience the band and their music!

Luke Rollason: Stepdads

Poplar Union, cabaret on the canal, stepdads, east London, theatre, comedy, arts, culture

The first step to having fun… is Stepdads. Get ready for an activity-filled weekend of a lifetime with two men who wish they were your dad (but who are glad he went to prison). Who needs a father figure when you can have two?! What’s with all these “where’s my real dad” faces? Let’s turn that frown upside down and then rearrange the rest of your face to match it – through song, silliness and positive parenting techniques!

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Luna Lafée

Cabaret on the Canal, East London, Burlesque, Poplar Union

Luna Lafée is a burlesque artist, actor and playwright. After graduating from The House of Burlesque in 2016, she began beguiling audiences across London’s cabaret and poetry scenes with her tales of the flesh. Combining a sirenesque sensuality and a provocative free spirt, her work is known to transport the viewer into dark, decadent mini worlds full of glamour and mischief.

Tonight she guides us back to Parisian Bohemia where an artist finds misty romance and teasing inspiration within the depths of her absinthe fuelled dreams.

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Hosted by Mic Drop!

cabaret on the canal, poplar union, arts, culture, comedy, cabaret, east London, poplar

Man-about-town, Sir Michael D’Rop will be your compere for the evening. With his silent movie style, suave suit and sharp observations, meet the mime with a lot to say for himself.

Sat 20 January 7.30pm-10pm

£7 / £5 conc.
Age range: +14

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